MY TEACHING METHODOLOGY is informed by 20 plus years of experience as a professional fine artist, designer, illustrator, art director and teacher. Throughout the years I have taught classes such as Drawing and Painting, Ceramics, 3-D Design, Color Theory, Photography, AP Studio Art, and Studio Problems in Teaching Art to Secondary School and University students. 

to meet the needs of each student, by providing experiences and opportunities that best match personal aptitudes, and skill levels. My classes are taught with high expectations and a push towards excellence. I aim to teach with equanimity, objective assessment, inspiring critiques, engaging projects and enthusiasm. I advocate working with a strong foundation in materials, process and technical skills. Creative essentials such as the art elements and principles of design, visual literacy, theory, critical thinking and practice are also taught as an ongoing discovery. Guiding students to explore the intricacies of intention and meaning through concept and self-expression eventually becomes the catalyst for their work—in the classroom as well as out in the world.

MY COMMITMENT into the exploration of Visual Art is to provoke and instill a high standard towards the discipline of art and integrity to teaching. Working within the framework of cultural, historical, conceptual and philosophical approaches to art making—students ultimately gain a better understanding of themselves, the world and their responsibility to these things. I see it as a privilege and an honor to help guide students—at any level on this profound journey. —©Michele Ogilvie, all rights reserved.