Monday, June 1, 2015


I have learned that the process of making art is a way to investigate and expand our perceptions of the world and our relationship to it. If approached honestly and intuitively the creative experience becomes an inspiration—a breath taken in—like we experience on our mats. When a work of art moves us, it reveals evidence of a personal and universal journey that contains the essence of life's unexplainable existential mysteries. Through the process of creating, slowing down to observe the world, learning to breathe intelligently, moving towards introspection, dreaming of the possibility of peace and universal healing—Yoga mind and intention weaves it all together. It is the string that connects Spirit to Absolute Intelligence, Nature, Creativity, Love, and Potential.

As a teacher and practitioner of Art and Yoga I have consistently witnessed and experienced first hand the potential of these disciplines as opportunities towards healing and realization. I am certain that Yoga and Art complement each other as personal and collective gateways towards a greater understanding of the self, the world and our responsibility to these things. It is my hope that as we learn to experience the transformative qualities of Yoga, we also open to the potential of creative expression so that our journeys can extend into the fascinating depth of our subconscious and beyond. —©Michele Ogilvie, all rights reserved.

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